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On average, businesses lose an hour a day to poor mental health.
Learning how to talk about it helps.
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Join these companies and organisations from around the globe who have undertaken Mental Health First Aid training.

Become the Accredited Mental Health First Aider for your workplace.

Each year, 1 in 5 Australians will suffer from some form of mental health problem. With Mental Health First Aid Training, you’ll learn to recognise and respond to mental health issues, reacting as a first responder to an ongoing situation or crisis.

By enrolling in MHFA, you’ll learn how to talk to people facing a mental health crisis. You’ll also learn how to implement a practical action plan to ensure the person you’re supporting gets the professional help they need moving forward.

This course designed for entire workplaces or those in HR, leadership, supervisory or managerial roles.

Trainers in Mental and Physical First Aid.

We’re a Brisbane-based first aid training company, specialised in teaching certificated training programmes to businesses and individuals. We provide training programmes and workshops in physical health, CPR and Mental Health First Aid Training, delivered through a mix of online and face-to-face courses.

To date, nearly a million Australians have been trained in Mental Health First Aid, beginning a global trend in mental health initiatives. Thousands of small to large businesses have achieved mental health proficiency for 35-100% of their team members, implementing better practice plans throughout their organisations.

Our programme also provides flexible training courses to schools, youth, cultural communities, and workplaces across Australia and further abroad.

Get your workplace accredited
in Mental Health First Aid Training.

Join the thousands of businesses taking action globally.

Taking the responsive approach

Most workplaces rely on employees to be responsible for their own mental health, with vague open-door policies and unproductive meetings.

For someone undergoing an underlying mental health condition, reacting or even acknowledging that they have a problem may seem impossible in a workplace setting.

Your First Aid Trainer helps formulate an appropriate action plan, beginning with ALGEE;


Access the situation and assist when they are in a crisis


and communicate non-judgementally in a supportive capacity


Reassurance, support and information on what to do next


If needed, the person to seek appropriate professional help


the person to seek self-help and formulate some support strategies

Endorsed by leading healthcare professionals

Get qualified in Mental Health First Aid Training

Approve yourself and your business with
an accredited Mental Health First Aid Training certificate
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Hear what trainees have to say

Emma's story

Wellness, Training and Development Manager at Fernwood Fitness

When deciding to introduce a new wellness programme to Fernwood Women’s Health and Fitness, Emma saw the importance of gaining a practical understanding of Mental Health First Aid.

The result - Over 300 staff members have undertaken training, and the programme has become a requirement for club owners, managers and trainers who run wellness sessions. Fernwood now checks in with each of its new members and has been able to support their wider team, becoming a community leader in women’s health.

Jason’s story

Business Engagement and Program Manager, Lendlease Foundation

Recognising the mental health risks in the construction industry, Lendlease has long been a supporter of wellness programmes for its global team. In choosing to add mental health aid training to their support structure, Jason and the management team were looking to increase their existing skillsets with preventative and awareness techniques.

Lendlease has the goal of having a trained Mental Health First Aider on every site, office and project and is close to achieving this. They’ve produced measurable outcomes, with their teams notably more confident in dealing with mental health issues.

Dalene’s story

Managing Director - OBE Organic

Working in the agricultural sector proved tough for OBE, as they were attempting to overcome the cultural stigma around mental health. They wanted their team and management to be able to recognise issues and respond to them in a way that made everyone feel comfortable — which is why they sought out a Mental Health First Aid Training programme.

After working us - Dalene established a Mental Health Committee and offered training to all the wider team, emphasising people and culture in the new programme. OBE's culture has changed dramatically by focusing on the tools learnt in our workshop, with an active support system now in place.

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What You Could Do

It’s time to start thinking about mental health.

You could start reviewing your action plans and procedures, reading up on help guides, or watching youtube videos. But to ensure that your team has the confidence, and skills, to accurately recognise and assist with mental health issues....

You could work with us

Book yourself into our 12-hour Mental Health First Aid Training course.

Enroll yourself or one of your team on our two-day course, on or offline, for only $300. Become an accredited Mental Health First Aid Trainer and ensure your team gets the right assistance.
Be able to recognise symptoms of:
Anxiety problems
Substance use problems
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Get your workplace Mental Health First Aid accredited

Join the thousands of other organisations seeking to improve their mental health policies and train your team to recognise the symptoms. Make sure first aid is part of your approach to workplace wellbeing.
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