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Frequently Asked Questions

How long are the courses?
Course lengths differ depending on the course in question. The standard mental health courses will typically take 12 hours across two days, with a 7-hour training day, including lunch. For the youth-based mental health programme, this is slightly longer with a 14-hour two-day training session.

With Physical First Aid courses depends on prior knowledge; eg. CPR- Face to Face can be done in as little as 2.5 hours or shorter with e learning. Provide First First Aid typically takes about 7 hours.

For more information, see the individual course booking pages. Most courses are delivered in four modules and corporate courses can be delivered over four separate occasions. Talk with our staff for more pricing information.
What if I’m late or need to leave early?
We understand that sometimes you’ll face unavoidable delays in your travel time due to traffic or other unforeseeable circumstances.

However, we do need you to arrive on time to ensure you will not miss any course content. Ideally, aim for 15 minutes before the start time so you can get settled in.

If you fear you may be late, it would be greatly appreciated if you could contact the instructor.

Unfortunately, there is no availability to leave training early and still receive a certificate.
All assessment items and content must be completed to be found competent, and certificates cannot be issued if competency is not achieved.
How do I make a booking?
Bookings can be made online by selecting ‘Book Now’ at the top of the page and choosing your preferred date and location.

Send us an email;, and we will reply within 12 hours.

Or call us at the office on 0423811844 if you would prefer to talk to a team member. You might have to leave a message as we might be teaching a course, but don’t worry, we’ll endeavour to return your call as soon as we have a break.
Are you open on the weekends?
‘Your’ First Aid Trainer can provide training courses on the weekends at request.

Typical office hours are Monday to Thursday, 8:30am – 5pm, and Friday 9am – 4pm.
Do you provide lunch?
‘Your’ First Aid Trainer does provide tea, coffee, water, biscuits and lollies that you can help yourself to throughout the day.

We do not provide lunch for any training (unless advised).

Full-day courses include a 30 minutes lunch break, we suggest you bring your own lunch.

Some courses might be held at a venue that has a restaurant or cafe close by, we like to suggest you pre-order your lunch at Morning tea.

We also provide lunch for some of our 2 day public MHFA courses (where advised)
What are the locations of your training centres?
We trainers are willing to teach all over Australia.

Currently, most of us are Brisbane based, so we have training centres in the south of Brisbane and in the north, but also at Toowoomba, Ipswich, Logan, the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast and even North Queensland.

When you book, you will be provided with the exact address of our centres and a map to show you where we are in an email confirmation.

We are happy to teach our First Aid course at your organisation or company, although minimum numbers apply. Please contact us via email for more information;
Is there free parking available?
Parking is available at all our training centres, most of which will be free of charge, including roadside parking.

Should there be a training location with paid parking, you will get a notification on your booking confirmation.

Parking details for your booked location will be included in your booking confirmation.
Can I get to you via public transport?
We will do our best to have many course locations with Public Transport access.

You will find details on how to access your training venues on your booking form, or please see TRANSLink for local bus and train timetables.
Am I guaranteed to pass the course?
Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that you will pass this training — however, we will try our very best to make sure you do!

Participants are given several opportunities to complete the online assessment successfully, and the trainer will work with them on the practical tasks should anything need to be corrected.

Should you fail for any reason, you will be given the opportunity to return at another time where further support and training can be offered to achieve competency.
Can I take a course outside of Australia?
If you’re looking for a Mental Health First Aid course, please contact Mental Health First Aid International. Our MHFA courses get delivered in 27 different countries around the world. More information about international licensing can be found at

In Australia, we only give our local evidence-based information as the curriculum has been tailored specifically for the Australian context.

Physical first aid courses must be delivered in person. [Check with Germaine]
Are your courses the same as St. John and Red Cross?
Like the above organisations, our courses are accredited internationally to meet standards, including Mental Health First Aid Australia.

We also run up-to-date courses for all training with the latest research and would be happy to answer any questions about the content covered in the course should you need any further information.

Physical first aid courses are delivered in person.
What is a USI, and do I need one?
USI stands for Unique Student Identifier. Our team will only ask you for this when you make a booking for an accredited physical first aid course.

A USI is required by all participants who complete nationally recognised, accredited training, regardless of whether you are a student or not. This is a government-issued code that allows us to register your training once it has been completed.

However, if you’re doing a Mental Health First Aid course, you do not need a USI number.

Do you provide training at workplaces?
Yes, we can provide training at your workplace, subject to the participation numbers and suitability of your training area.
Do you complete private training? How large are public courses?
No, unfortunately ‘Your’ First Aid Trainer does not complete one-on-one training courses unless you are willing to pay our instructors a full day rate.

If you have any concerns with group work, please give the office a call and have a chat with one of our team members. Public course sizes are capped at 20 participants.

Please contact the office to discuss this further or email
How old does my child have to be to complete a first aid course?
The participant must be 18 years and older with Mental Health First Aid courses.
However, if they’re taking a teen MHFA course, they can complete the programme under the guidance of an adult Youth Mental Health First Aiders.

For all accredited training like CPR or Provide First Aid with Your First Aid Training, students must be 14 years of age with written parental or guardian consent.

Students under the age of 14 may complete non-accredited training with a parent or guardian present at the time of training and for the duration of the non-accredited course.
Can I pay cash on the day of my training course?
Ideally, course fees must be paid in full within 24 hours of completing a booking to guarantee your spot.

‘Your’ First Aid Trainer does not like students to pay cash on the training day unless a special prior arrangement is made with a trainer or you wish to purchase popular MHFA merchandise.
Can I receive a refund if I need to cancel my training?
‘Your’ First Aid Trainer operates a fair and equitable fees and refunds policy. Cancellations received more than 7 days prior to the date of booked training will receive a refund of the paid amount, minus a $60 administration fee. Cancellations received within this 7-day period will not be eligible for a refund but can be rescheduled.
How do I reschedule my training? Is there a cost involved?
We are happy to reschedule your training, providing that you give us at least 24 hours' notice.

Cancellations received with less than 24 hours' notice will automatically receive a 25% re-booking fee payable at the time of rescheduling.

Failure to attend your training for any reason or rescheduling the training multiple times will also incur this re-booking fee regardless of the notice period given.

Please contact the office to organise this.
Am I valid for concession pricing on course fees?
You are valid for concession pricing if you are a student at TAFE or a University with a valid student identification card. Student ID will be requested on arrival at the training.

Concession pricing is also given to government-issued senior card holders over the age of 65.
What course do I need to complete to meet work requirements?
Our courses are nationally recognised and accredited qualifications.

Most workplaces will advise you of the necessary course to complete, either by name or course code.

If you have any queries, please speak to one of our admin team by calling the office.
Are there assessments or exams to complete on the day?
After you have completed an MHFA Course, you are eligible to undertake an online assessment to become an Accredited MHFAider.

The assessment is a short online quiz that includes multiple choice and true/false questions.

To complete the assessment, you’ll need an email address and to have allowed your MHFA instructor to share your email address and your first and last name with MHFA Australia.

You will be sent a unique link a few days after the course ends.

Upon clicking on the link, you will be invited to provide feedback on the MHFA course you completed and then complete the Accreditation Assessment.

Once you pass the assessment, you receive a digital Accreditation Certificate.

Accreditation is valid for 3 years from the date of your MHFA course and is renewed by completing a short MHFA Refresher Course.

You can complete the accreditation up to 3 years after you complete the MHFA course.

With Physical First Aid ‘Your’ First Aid training courses include both practical and written assessments.

Written assessment includes a multiple-choice exam and short-response answers.

For full-day training, these questions are completed in small blocks. If you have any literacy, reading, or language concerns, please book over the phone and discuss these with the admin team.
I don’t need a certificate, but I would like to come and attend the training.
Sure, we welcome you to attend our training for your own knowledge.

If you cannot complete the physical or mental requirements of training or prefer not to take part in the assessment, please let the office know at the time of booking. We would be happy to award you with a Statement of Attendance rather than a Statement of Attainment.
I have a physical disability — can I still complete training?
We would love to have you attend a training course with us.

Please complete your booking over the phone to discuss your disability with the team and inform us of any additional assistance you will require.

Please see the question about physical requirements included below.
What are the physical requirements of CPR training?
Students are required to complete 2 minutes of uninterrupted CPR Practical on a manikin during training. This must be completed at floor level, and students will need to demonstrate the correct technique as taught by a trainer.
I have trouble bending Can I complete CPR compressions with a manikin on a table?
To provide you with the most realistic training possible, we require all participants to complete their training at floor level, as per the physical requirements above.
Can I train whilst pregnant?
With Mental Health First Aid courses, you will be mostly sitting (so we recommend bringing a pillow for your comfort).

With Physical First Aid, check the physical requirements of each course as listed. If you feel you have any concerns with any of the information supplied, please consult your doctor before making a booking.

Please let the office know before attending training if we can assist with any further support.
Can I bring my child to training?
Unfortunately, we do not have the facilities available to allow you to bring children to training. This includes babies in strollers.

Please see the bottom left column regarding age requirements for children to complete training.

If you are a breastfeeding mum, we are happy to provide an area for you to feed if the baby can be brought in to you during the breaks.

Please let the instructor know if this is the case.
What experience do Your First Aid Trainers have?
Mental Health First Aid courses are evidence-based and go through a process of continuous evaluation, so you can remain up to date with the latest research.

All of our training team have industry experience and a background as either paramedics and emergency medical technicians or have many years of Full First Aid Trainers experience.

Our trainers have many years of practical experience in the relevant fields and apply this experience and knowledge to your training course.
How do I make a complaint?
We are sad to hear that you are unhappy with your training.

We would love to have the opportunity to talk about this with you further.

Please contact the office on 0423 811 844 in the first instance to discuss this with a member of our team.

You are also welcome to email us at if you would then like to submit your complaint in writing.
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